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Environment and vehicles

Environment and vehicles





Construction and infrastructure

Construction and infrastructure

Urban appearance, sport and leisure

Urban appearance, sport and leisure

Environment and vehicles

Keeping your local authority clean and well-tended – these are the actions that need ongoing scrupulous daily attention. We’re able to offer you a broad range of smart, cost-saving, efficient tools that assist in maintaining the city’s appearance. Our solutions are based on sustainable “green tech” and include waste recycling, remote management and control systems for real time garbage disposal, and more.

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Meitar Campus, Ganei Tikva

Meitar Campus in Ganei Tikva is an advanced complex that integrates education, culture and leisure. The complex includes the primary, junior high and senior high schools, each educational institution containing 24 classrooms. A sports hall containing 300 seats which additionally serves for performances was also built, as were a basketball court and library that not only serve students but the general public. The complex conforms to sustainable building, and employs innovative design which placed close emphasis on details that optimize the complex’s options for students and parents.

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Municipal Administrative Center, Nazareth

For years the local government authority’s administrative offices were scattered among various buildings and locations. Now one central, impressive structure has been built to incorporate all services in one place. The new building is located in the center of Nazareth, making it visible from almost anywhere in the city. This feature meant that emphasis was placed on external claddings alongside advanced architectural and interior design.

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Shading, Modiin

Outdoor fitness facilities in Modiin buzz with activity, especially during summer. This led to a need to install shading on suitable posts that enable the public to enjoy the facilities even when the sun is bearing down.
Because the facilities were installed before the shading, and because numerous water and electrical infrastructures ran under the fitness facilities, it was necessary to re-plan the support posts’ positions to avoid damaging infrastructures, while addressing the needs of the public using the facilities.
Despite the complexity involved, the project was executed quickly and highly efficiently.

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Gan Zikaron (Garden of Remembrance), Zichron Yaakov

Zichron Yaakov’s Garden of Remembrance is a recent project of which Mashcal is especially proud. The park was established in an area with various structural and development difficulties among mountains and hills in the veteran town. As well as landscape development, the park contains a striking amphitheater, pergolas, impressive fountain and unique playground for children with impairments.

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School, Ness Ziona

The Comprehensive Science School in Ness Ziona was built as a hi-tech structure, topped with an astronomical observation point for pleasure, study and research. The five storey building includes classrooms, laboratories, and a multipurpose hall. The entire structure is based on sustainable building.

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Cyber Room, Maaleh Adumim

This center was conceived as a technological greenhouse allowing school students and residents to study cyber sciences. The cyber center aims to nurture the young generation of talented youth with high capabilities of study and broad computer-related knowledge. Together with the authority, we translated their vision and designated rich technological specifications which include 2 computer rooms with strong, advanced servers and memories, projection equipment, smart TVs for live inputs on cyber-attacks and defenses from Israel and abroad, and an advanced servers and communications room.

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