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Construction and infrastructure

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Cityscape, sports and leisure

Environment and vehicles

Keeping your local authority clean and well-tended – these are the actions that need ongoing scrupulous daily attention. We’re able to offer you a broad range of smart, cost-saving, efficient tools that assist in maintaining the city’s appearance. Our solutions are based on sustainable “green tech” and include waste recycling, remote management and control systems for real time garbage disposal, and more.

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06 / 06

"Kanfei Ruach" School, Harish

One of our most impressive buildings in recent years, which serves as a flagship in the city of Harish, is the "Kanfei Ruach" (Wings of the Wind) school. This striking construction incorporates green elements, has 18 classrooms and extends over an area of approximately 3,000 square meters. It has a unique design that simulates a large ship and combines a variety of specialized exterior coverings, columns rising to a height of 18 meters, a sloped ceiling and glass walls that give the building a luxurious and inspiring appearance.

06 / 05

"Back to Nature" kindergardens, Harish

An innovative concept for a building that includes 4 kindergartens, creating a natural learning space and a direct connection to nature. At the foundation of all construction planning was environmental values such as affinity to nature, connection to the environment, sustainability, and recycling.
The construction incorporates architectural elements that serve this purpose, and all the facilities in the garden are made from natural materials, with natural elements such as sand, soil and pebbles scattered throughout the garden.
The children enjoy accessible natural spaces for playing, and an experience of nature in the garden that encourages creativity, imagination and curiosity, which helps strengthen their self-image.
The roof of the building contains another courtyard in the "green roof" format which is covered with vegetation and watered by a smart infrastructure system.

06 / 04

Be'er Ya'akov play facilities

This year, fitness facilities were established in the city, including innovative ninja complexes in 6 open public spaces, as well as unique play facilities in 5 public spaces.
Development and construction works carried out in all these parks included shaded areas and braking surfaces.
All sites have an accessibility standard for all ages and are adapted to Israeli standard no. 1498.

06 / 03

Photovoltaic systems in Merom HaGalil

Solar energy systems with an output of 1.6 megawatts were installed on the roofs of public buildings in Marom HaGalil Regional Council, in cooperation with the Lottery and the Ministry of the Interior.
The execution of this project took about one year and included handling and settlement with the electric company and reporting to the budgeting authorities.
The project consisted of a durable and approved construction, on which well-anchored solar panels are installed while maintaining the sealing of the roof.

06 / 02

Cultural Center, Beit Shemesh

The Culture Hall project was established after years of observation and planning with a rich and diverse repertoire.
The Culture Hall was established by the Ministry of Culture in two areas - infrastructure and construction - with full cooperation and funding by the National Lottery and the Ministry of Construction and Housing.
The hall boasts an amplification and lighting stage system which is one of the most advanced and sophisticated in the world. The area of the Culture Hall is 1,983 square meters and includes a concert hall containing 537 luxurious seats.
A wide entrance hall serves to host large crowds and is a space for presenting changing exhibitions.
There are actors' rooms, offices, management rooms, cash registers and a cafeteria.

06 / 01

Ra'anana Conservatory of Music

The music center spans three floors, with free and fused forms.
The building includes an auditorium, private music rooms, musical ensemble rooms, a small chamber hall, a concert bar, a recording studio, a theory classroom, a sheet music library, administrative and service rooms. The building was designed to accommodate a large crowd, with suitable acoustic isolation elements added as is appropriate for its location the heart of a residential neighborhood.
The building of the center was designed as a metaphorical musical instrument - in which parts of the world of music are distinguished, interwoven in an architectural structure. The layout of the building along the street allows conceptual "glimpses" inspired by the works of Picasso.

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