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Playgrounds – they’re not just child’s play (1)

Playgrounds are an integral part of our urban landscape.  They offer a winning combination of quality time, physical activity and connection with children.  Where did it all begin, and what are the new trends in the world of playgrounds?

Spending time in public parks and playgrounds has become one of the favorite pastimes for parents and children in Israel.   The many options offered by playgrounds, the innovation and sensory creativity in their design, the opportunity for encounters with other children, and the integration of physical activity as part of the child’s daily routine – these are just some of their many benefits.  However, this was not always the case.


Playgrounds?  Only for the rich!

A little history.  In the 16th and 17th centuries, playgrounds and sports facilities were only built to serve the aristocracy.  Sometime later, wealthy families incorporated play areas in the grounds of their homes or at the schools where they sent their children.  In the 1880s, after the industrial revolution, certain people noticed that many children were wandering the streets with nothing to do, and decided to find a solution in the form of opportunities for social play.  The pioneer in public parks was Berlin, where the government ordered the authorities to place mounds of sand for children to play on.  The idea was adopted by the United States, and sandhills became familiar to American children as well.

At a later stage, additional play facilities were added.  In Europe and the United States saw these facilities as a way of adding interest and healthy activity to the daily routine of children.  More and more playgrounds were built, with a variety of equipment.  Over the years, the facilities have become more sophisticated, colorful, accessible and full of interest for the children.



We wish you pleasant and safe activity

Because we are talking about facilities for children, the subject of safe and healthy play has always been an important factor.  This approach guided the designers of play equipment to adopt strategies that include meticulous planning of the play space, with facilities at the right height and use of safe and healthy materials.  This concept has led to a degree of uniformity in the design of playgrounds scattered throughout Israel and the whole world.


Cops and robbers meet in the playground

The field of playground equipment has experienced a revolution in recent years.  The designers make use of regular elements, such as swings and slides, but push back the boundaries of imagination and creativity.  In addition to innovative pieces of equipment that stimulate the child’s imagination and curiosity, there has also been a development of sociodramatic play around the items, in which the children are the main players.  Each visit to the playground gives the children a new and fascinating creative experience.

Moreover, the materials used are some of the most advanced in the field, raising the level of safety and enjoyment.  The bright colors, the almost infinite possibilities, the surrounding lawns and the paths that join the different elements in the playground – all these provide a wonderful experience for parents and children, and all right near their homes.



Technology also plays a part

Playgrounds have become an unlimited arena for creativity and innovation.  The latest exhibition in the field showcased exciting innovations, including facilities that mimic the ninja route, interactive areas that integrate smart outdoor systems, and more.

All over the country we find themed playgrounds, for example, equipment that invites children to investigate scientific phenomena, playgrounds inspired by famous and beloved children’s stories, parks where language is an integral part of the play equipment, and parks with fountains for cooling off in the summer months.   Each of these parks allows parents and children to interact in ever-changing, colorful experiences.  Whichever park you choose to visit, each time you will find yourselves in an adventure that combines physical fitness, the joy of play and love of life.

Alongside the traditional playground items, in nearly every park you will find climbing frames and exercise equipment.  In this way it is possible to cater for the youngest children as well as the older adolescents and even adults.  At the end of the shared experience, parents and children alike will understand that park playgrounds are a wonderful opportunity for quality time together, to release energy and provide maximum enjoyment – at any age.


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